Wedding Day

I arrived on the wedding day and Nichole was so relaxed, soft spoken, and kind about everything. She held her emotions in during the makeup and hair process, but the moment she was helped into her dress as she held the hands of her flower girl (niece) the water works started. From there she went to do a First Look with dad and the tears came down even harder. Meanwhile, the guys were having a good time downstairs showing off their matching tattoos and enjoying a few drinks while getting ready for the day. Spencer was in complete shock at the beauty of his bride during the first look and shared the same amazement when he saw her coming down the aisle toward him with her dad during the ceremony. After an emotional day, it was time to let loose and enjoy the party, and this crew knew how to do that right!  Not to mention, this venue provided a great atmosphere to dance the night away. During the mother/son dance, all the groomsmen got up and pulled their own mother's on the dance floor, which was just another example of how close the group of guys were.  After they wedding the couple took off to Punta Cana to honeymoon and relax after months of planning an exceptional wedding day.

~ Billings, Montana Wedding Photography, Jessica Simonton Phtoography


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