How He Asked

From the Groom-to-be

“We were in Colombia on a vacation when I proposed. I woke up that morning with everything all planned out (I was going to propose to her that night at dinner) but it was a challenge for me to keep it a surprise since we were always with each other. Also, we had the ring made down there, so she already sort of knew it was coming. I just had to figure out some way to cover it up.

We were out shopping, and she walked into a store and saw a wallet and purse she really liked, and Boom! That was it. That was the perfect cover to keep the ring a surprise. I went back later to pick them up, and the rest of the night was just like out of a movie. We had the reservation at a nice restaurant, and the servers took a video of us. It was all very sweet. “

From the Bride-to-be

“So, I actually knew the whole time. The whole day I knew that this was going to be the day I was engaged, because he had gone and picked up the ring and then all the sudden made reservations at a spot that we had been saving up to go until the end of the trip. And I was like, okay, this is our first reservation ever, so it's for sure tonight! While I was getting ready, I was thinking, ‘Wow, tonight is the night my life is going to change.' I just felt so different! And I felt so beautiful.

Fast forward to the restaurant. We were drinking champagne and getting a little tipsy and I was like, ‘When the heck is this going to happen? Is it going to happen when I'm mid-munch in my food?' And then the food came, and he said, ‘I have a present for you.' I thought, ‘Okay here it is!' But then he pulled out a big box, not a ring box, and I was a little confused, so I opened it up and found the purse and wallet that I wanted! He told me to look through the bag, so I was rummaging through it and couldn't find anything, and told him that. He got a little freaked out at that point and snatched it back from me. Mind you, we were being videotaped through all of this. He finally found the box and pulled it out and got down on one knee and said, ‘So, I was wondering if you are ready to get married with me?' It was so adorable. And of course I said yes!”

Photography: Nicole Field Photography


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