Love Story

 Joseph and Gabrielle are about as adventurous as they come. They always seem to have a coffee in their hand, on the hunt for new spots to explore (both locally and abroad), and spontaneously sleeping under the stars.

Leading up their session, I asked them if they had any particularly meaningful or sentimental location in mind for the session, and without hesitation they shared with me that they often like to sneak off to this secret little spot at Britannia Beach along the sea to sky highway, occasionally camping out in the tree house there overnight.

Secluded beach, mountain views and tree forts? *que happy dance*

I knew right away this was going to be an amazing couples session.
What I didn't know was just how hard the rains were going to hit on the day of their session.

On the drive up to Britannia Beach, I could hardly see through my windshield, the rain was coming down so heavy. I pulled over to text Gabrielle "are you SURE you guys are still up for shooting in this monsoon? I'm still up for it if you are, but I don't want you to be uncomfortable!"
She assured me that they were totally down with getting drenched, and that they'd just have fun and make the best of it!

During the shoot, there were these moments where the rain seemed to stop, and time almost stood still while the two of them laughed and snuggled in close.
They ventured across slippery rocks, danced, and huddled close for warmth.
They completely embraced the elements, and each other, allowing me to see their personalities and the raw connection they share.

To me, this session embodies all the moody west coast vibes, paired perfectly with the warmth that comes from a couple truly in love.

~ British Columbia Fine Art Wedding Photographers, McLachlan Studios


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