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Bridger Teton Nation Forest Wedding

August 27, 2018
Bridger Teton Nation Forest Wedding

Love Story

When you’ve met the right one, you just know. 

It feels so right, the way your personalities fit together just as your hands intertwine like connecting puzzle pieces.  And that’s exactly how Noel felt after her first date with Dirk. Two, three, four dates later they both knew that this was the real deal. 

They met in North Carolina. She there for school and he there for work. They shared a passion for the great outdoors, Mountains, Rivers, and a dog named Manfred.  But it was a love for National Parks in particular that would bring them to the West. There was something about the picturesque landscapes and sky-high trees that made their hearts soar. Together they made a goal to travel to one National Park every weekend. 

So, it was just another weekend and another park to check off the list. With Noel’s parents in town, Glacier National Park in Montana was on the agenda and the group couldn’t have been more excited for the day. Sun shining, and birds singing, little did Noel know, Dirk had a few other tasks on their agenda for the day.  After some hiking and sight-seeing, Dirk came across the perfect location and the perfect time to pop the question. Surrounded by all of God’s perfect beauty, birdsong, wildflowers, and the towering Rocky Mountains, Dirk got down on one knee and asked Noel to be his wife. 

Noel of course said yes! 

Noel and Dirk married beneath towering mountains and celebrated their union with family and friends surrounded by drifting cotton and dappled sunlight.

The Wedding Tree in Bridger-Teton National Forest was the perfect ceremony location.  They held hands under swaying trees and promised to always support and love each other. Family and friends cheered, Manfred jumped, and Noel and Dirk said I Do.

Q&A with the Couple

How did you and your husband meet? 

We utilized technology to the best of our ability and found each other through an online app called Bumble. Rather than singing EMF’s song as “It’s Unbelievable, Oh!” we now sing “It’s Bumblievable, Oh!”

How did your husband propose? 

On August 12th, 2017, Dirk planned a strenuous hike in Glacier National Park while my family was visiting in the area and for the entire hike, had the ring in his pocket. Once we arrived to an incredibly remote location (Lower Quartz Lake) and were exhausted, my brother, David decided to climb into an ice cold river for a great opportunity to take a picture of Dirk and me while we stood on a small, questionably stable bridge. Before he snapped the special picture, Dirk was down on one knee and sparks flew.

What were your first steps for wedding planning? 

I would say my first two steps were to 1) build our planned budget on an Excel spreadsheet and 2) venue hunt in Jackson, WY

Did your wedding go how you expected it to? 

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I had to have confidence in all of the work and preparations Dirk and I expended leading up to that day. I can say now that it went wonderfully!

Were you happy with the outcome? 


What is your favorite memory from your day? 

I clearly remember being outside of the event tent in the evening taking mental snapshots of my friends and family, many who had never met before that day, dancing together, enjoying the bonfire, laughing, and bonding. I realized then that the day would never again be replicated and it made the moment that much more special.

Is there anything you would do differently? 

Looking back, Dirk and I both forgot to take pictures with each other’s families. We have our own family portraits, but didn’t do much mixing of the two and that was our planning downfall.

Are there any areas of your wedding that you wish you would/would not have splurged on? 

We wish we had splurged on a videographer because we don’t have many videos of that day.

Advice you can share with a couple planning a wedding? 

To any engaged couples reading: go into your wedding day knowing that each and every aspect will not be perfect or planned to a tee. With that attitude, everything will fall into place.

Location: Bridger-Teton National Forest Reception + Getting Ready: Bentwood Inn Photographer: Megan Lee Photography Catering: Genevieve Catering Florist: Heide's Flowers Dress Shop: David's Bridal Hair Stylist: Grace Spa Cake: The Sugar Shell DJ: Beats by Capella
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