Our Story

From the Bride

“Josh and I both had slightly different visions of our wedding; he wanted a huge bash with all of our friends and family whereas I would've opted for a small destination gathering. We compromised with a simple ceremony to be followed by a family & friends party in Philadelphia in April. I don't think Josh realized what I meant by ‘simple.' I had recently read about a couple that went out for a hike in Colorado and decided to marry themselves in the self solemnization and I just loved this concept; the simplicity and beauty in sharing this moment with the one person you are committing to share your life with. Josh and I both love to travel and, as Josh is a teacher, we try to get away and explore whenever he is on break. Having done the Kalalau trail in Kauai in January, 2015, I loved the feeling of it being just Josh and I stranded on this gorgeous yet wild beach, the two of us alone and ready to take on the world together. I was hoping to recapture that feeling yet perhaps in an opposite setting. So, we decided that Telluride would be our spot.

Tuesday, March 1st, the day of our ceremony, was as relaxed as any day in Colorado…. We strolled into the San Miguel courthouse and met with the nicest clerk, Jessica. After some brief questions and 30 bucks, we had our certificate. We shopped a bit in town and as the flower shop in town was boarded up, we came upon the stylish Gardenstore, in the center of town, which while having not received its flower shipment for the day, fortunately had the most lovely Jasmine hanging basket. We grabbed the basket and jumped back on the gondola to mountain village. In typical Telluride friendliness, all of the gondola operators commented on the sweet smell of jasmine.

We got ready in our hotel ourselves. I cut up and arranged the jasmine with some floral tape the Gardenstore owner had given to me, as well as a ribbon I had from a gift basket in our hotel, and we left to meet our photographer, Amy, and venture out to Trout Lake. Amy had scoped out the area ahead of time and sent us photos to see if this was the setting we were seeking and it was absolutely perfect. She warned us that the snow was almost 10 ft deep and with the sun shining so brightly we may hit some soft spots, which we all did! Thankfully we were well prepared in our boots! Should you choose to look at it metaphorically, marriage, has many ups and downs and stumbles, and yet, when we choose to lift or help our partner up, we are all the more stronger. I feel so incredibly fortunate that I found someone that laughs with me while digging me out of the snow!Being surrounded by such beauty and with my love couldn't have been a more perfect way for us to celebrate our union. I am so grateful that Amy was there to capture our moment as well. When we shared the photos with our family, they said that they could see the love and emotion in the moment and I am so grateful to be able to share that with them as well as the opportunity to celebrate with everyone in Philadelphia.”
Boots: Sorel // Dress: Halston Heritage // Florals: Gardenstore //Photography: Amy Bluestar Photography // Suit: Hugo Boss

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