Proposal Story - A Road Trip to Remember

It seems like only yesterday I was waking up on a cool May morning, heart already pounding, knowing that today was going to be the best day of my life.  It was May 18, 2017, the day that I would purpose to the love of my life. My name is Kyle and  I would like to share with you how that day unfolded. So pull up a rock and sit with me around the fire while I tell you about our engagement story.  Purposing is a beautiful thing. You can take so many wonderful parts of a relationship, combine into one carefully orchestrated event and pull off possibly one of the greatest moves you will make in your life.  In my case, my great story starts off on May 17 with two grown men, with a bright teal polaroid camera, taking pictures well into the night, trying to get the perfect image. To clarify, the two men were my roommate, Josh, and myself.  The first part of my engagement plan required taking a Polaroid picture of myself holding the engagement ring.  Leanna, my bride-to-be, is an absolutely amazing photographer and photography is a huge passion of hers so incorporating photography in the proposal was a must.  After a few takes with the Polaroid camera and a couple outfit changes, I had the perfect picture that seemed to capture both my excitement and full heart. With this part of the plan complete, it was time to move onto phase two: the road trip.  The following morning, Leanna and I had already planned a trip to Bozeman to visit friends and family.  So with my Polaroid photo tucked away in one pocket of my coat and the ring box in the other, off we went on the best road trip of my life.  Throughout the beginning of the trip, I had to do everything in my power to not seem overly excited so the surprise could be kept. We stopped off in Big Timber for a quick stop but before we got back onto the road, I asked Leanna if she wanted to stop by the Natural Bridge, which is one of our favorite hiking spots and  is also a beautiful state park that has some of the most unique natural land formations in the state.  Enjoying the great outdoors is a passion of both of ours and we have gone on many adventures together so of course, Leanna was all for sidetracking into the mountains.  When we arrived at the Natural Bridge, we had the place to ourselves.  There was a light snowfall early that day so the trees and ground were dusted with white. As we walked further into the park, I would ask Leanna to pose for pictures that I would take on my teal polaroid camera.  I could have taken pictures of her all day. She is a beautiful model! And this was all part of my plan. As I was taking pictures, I was tucking them away and creating a small stack of pictures from the hike.  When we got to one of our favorite spot, overlooking the river and canyon below, I took out the stack of pictures and asked her to pick out her favorite. Little did she know, I had secretly placed the polaroid photo I had taken the night before of myself holding the ring at the bottom of the pile.  Now all I could do was wait. It seemed as if time slowed down as she looked through the other polaroid pictures. When she got to the bottom of the stack, my heart just about jumped out of my chest. She looked up at me with her beautiful green eyes and I went down to one knee and pulled the ring out of my coat pocket.  We were both filled with emotion and for a few seconds, neither of us said a word. I almost forgot to ask her to marry I was so excited. All I could do was just look up at her from on knee and smile, knowing that the love of my life was right there smiling back at me. Eventually, the words started coming out and with much excitement, she said 'YES'. Yes to forever. Yes to love. Yes to the ups and downs and the all arounds. We spent the next few minutes just soaking in the wonderful moment and then began our hike back to the car. We continued on our road trip, calling our friends and family sharing the good news.  I could not have asked for a more perfect day. 


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