Boulder Real Wedding

Boulder Tea House Wedding

April 9, 2019

Laura Osborn/Rocky Mountain Bride

The Love Story

"as told by the bride"

The story we tell people: my fiance Cameron and I met 14 years ago in high school when he introduced himself to me out of the blue in the cafeteria. We dated for a few years but went our separate ways for college. Nearly 10 years later, we reconnected...right after I signed up for 2 years of grad school 1,500 miles away. After years of long distance dating, I moved back to CO right after graduation and the rest is history. What actually happened: I was sitting alone at lunch when some guy walked up and told me a super inappropriate joke. We dated for a few years, had an awkward breakup, and Facebook messaged each other randomly several years later. We went on a few "outings" as "just friends" (uhh they were totally dates), but I'd just committed to an intense grad program in Pittsburgh. After 2 years of long-distance dating, Cameron helped me pack the U Haul and we left for CO like 5 minutes after my graduation. We've been living together ever since and it's safe to say things are going pretty well.

- The Bride, Ellen


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