Love Story

Simon and I first met a church! Catching glances at each other until we finally got the courage to break the silence! I fell for him slowly over the months after we met but I knew what was happening the whole time haha! I liked him for a long time (I think I knew from the beginning I was going to marry him!). I finally had the nerves to ask him out! We went out on a date then he left for bootcamp a few days later. We had nothing but a few letters to communicate with for a while. Then texting and a few calls in between. Having most of our relationship long distance made it slow moving in the beginning but we knew our intentions were for marriage and that was our goal! He proposed to me on a lake and I was so overwhelmed with excitement!!

The wedding was everything and more than we could have dreamed! I kept the dress under wraps until the first look! Simon was enamored when he saw me! The ceremony and reception was absolutely beautiful! It started pouring rain but it honestly made our wedding feel like a movie. With things that you don't want to happen, happen but you're with the one you love most so nothing can bring you down! Im not sure if I'm making sense haha but I'm just saying it was all a dream come true!

~ Summer & Simon


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