Wedding Day

Marissa and Cody's wedding was so special because of the many number of personal details they included into their day. They originally planned a huge Oregon wedding, but as they started planning their day, it got more and more overwhelming and started to feel more stressful than meaningful. Marissa and Cody's relationship has a non-traditional story: they found out they were pregnant in the first six months they were dating in the middle of Marissa losing her mother to cancer. Talk about a lot at once, right? But the way Marissa and Cody told their story to me, they each told me they believed the reason why their love blossomed so shortly after losing Marissa's mom was because they needed to be shown that life is short. It all happens for a reason. They jumped in heart first and fell in love with the life they built together so quickly. They uprooted their little family to Idaho and as they planned their wedding, realized it only made sense to bring their immediate families to their new homes and celebrate their love in the mountains. Marissa chose to have her son and her father walk her down the "aisle" in the woods and it was so sweet to watch their family come together to celebrate them.

Marissa honored her mother by saving a seat at the altar for her mom with framed photos of her, by wearing her mother's dress in her bridal photos, and taking a shot of tequila (her mom's fave!) at the end of the ceremony. She was felt every step of the way. Her mom was also a florist and therefore, Marissa made sure her florals were the center of her boho style elopement.

~ Boise Wedding Photographer, Maggie Grace Photography


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