Wedding Inspiration

When I look into designing a wedding, I always think of how that wedding will look years from now. Although I love trends, I also love weddings that are timeless; weddings you might see from decades ago but can still be a wedding done today. For this shoot I wanted to challenge myself and include several things that are trendy but still look great in photos years from now. Of course some things might be outdated in the future but in my opinion, I think you can do anything trendy just as long as it's not overdone. For this particular shoot, the words I had in mind were elegant, classy, timeless, and modern.

The shoot included agate candlesticks, velvet linen, and modern shapes throughout such as the hexagon. They all complemented each other beautifully along with the blush and black. Each piece was curated carefully, designed with intention and well balanced in order to create the overall style and look. I also feel strongly that we work best when we are given the freedom to create. All creatives involved, such as Pink Champagne Paper, Ruby Jean Patisserie, Inspired Designs Denver, and The Diamond Reserve where all given freedom to create their best and they surely delivered. This was a dream team to work with and we were all wowed by the amazing results and beautiful photographs KB Digital Designs produced. Photos that will last a lifetime and look great for years and years to come. 

~ Denver Wedding Planner, Erika Sandoval Event Planning & Design


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