Photos are a way to capture a moment! However, amazing photographers have their own personalities and style that shows through in their work. When selecting a wedding photographer it is imperative that you like the photographer's style. They, like all of us, are who they are. Asking one to not be themselves would be a waste of their talents and would likely not have the results you were intending. This feature is a perfect example of how different, yet all beautiful, photographers capture moments! Three talented ladies show their unique styles below. 

The inspiration behind the shoot:

When we were planning for this shoot, we decided we'd love to use one of Sweet Caroline Designs' incredible skirts for our bride's wardrobe. The Tennyson was the perfect choice for us and our inspiration piece!! The marbled blue and white reminded us of the snow covered Rocky Mountains and  Willow crop top added a little bit of feminine softness, like the snow at the top of the mountains!

Our florals were designed to compliment the outdoors and not compete with it. The assorted greenery with long drapey pieces added a more interesting feel to both the tablescape and the bouquet. Our floral designer added antique blush hellebores to perfect the look. The arrangements were magical and really allowed us to add a lot of visual interest to the shoot!

Our dessert table was incredible!! Sugar By Tracy took inspiration from the mountains and added a lot of texture and veining to her cakes. The blues of the fondants mirrored the Rockies in winter. Everything was designed with the mountains in mind. Our cookies and meringues finished the table beautifully!

The morning of our shoot, the mist was rolling over the mountains and it rained off and on the whole day. We felt the stress of the weather just like any bride would. We stayed true to our vision though and shot outside, making the best of it instead of using a backup location inside where we wouldn't be able to utilize the scenery to our advantage. The chilly wet weather actually gave us really great connected and emotion filled images and added a little bit of mystery to the mountains.


Our first style comes from Raelene Schulmeister Photography, a Central Alberta based wedding photographer



Our second style comes from Candy Koated Photography Studio, a Red Deer, Alberta based wedding photographer



Our third style comes from Misty C. Photography, a Washington State based wedding photographer


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