Their paths had crossed multiple times over the course of their respective careers on the livestock judging trail, so it proved just a matter of time before Ashley would notice the handsome contestant from Iowa and in turn, Nick to see the beautiful hereford enthusiast from the other side of Nebraska. We met at Ashley's childhood farm in the Easternmost mark of Wyoming, a whisper away from the Nebraska state line. Spotted with red and white barns, golden grasses and ideal dirt roads, it was the perfect location to document the future Fitz party of two in their engagement whites. Ashley mentioned that Nick's up-bringing in Western Iowa was not a far stretch from her own, joking that they could both see Nebraska from their back yard. Though it was obvious that it was far more than the familiar scenery that brought Nick to feel at home and bring a nearly constant smile to his face.Their engagement session fell on an evening which the smoke of the Montana fires drifted through the air, giving us some of the best and most interesting light possible. Ashley, in her carefully chosen white lace and chiffon dress, adorned with a chunky turquoise necklace and intricate black and brown leather cowgirl boots, was perfect compliments to Nick's white sport coat and navy button up. Nick and Ashley will be married in Stillwater, Oklahoma on the OSU campus this coming April.
(Courtesy of Cassie Madden Photography)

Photographer: Cassie Madden Photography


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