Eclectic Elopement

I feel so honored to have captured this unique love story in the foothills of Albuquerque, New Mexico.  The beautiful landscape makes for a perfect and timeless Elopement.  Ryan and Brittnay chose darker elements for their elopement because this is not your typical traditional couple.  As you view the images, you can see their unique styles and love come to life.

Ryan and Brittany don’t possess your average love story.  After their love at first sight moment, they had countless times denying the magic they felt for one another.  Living behind masks, they were afraid to experience the familiar heartbreak from their pasts.  One day they finally confessed their love for each other.  Their love story began as they ventured into their marriage.  They love hard and are very passionate about each other. You can watch their love story unfold here at their Desert Elopement.  

~ Albuquerque Wedding Photographer, Lavel Marie Photography


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