Wedding Day

Our first vision for our wedding was a small backyard ceremony and BBQ… Well it's funny how that changed, but we are sure glad it did. Our one goal was for everyone to have a lot of fun! And I am pretty sure we nailed it! 

The event took place on the farm where we live now, after traveling and adventuring in our van we realized how blessed we are to have an opportunity to farm. We are fifth generation on this family farm. We chose a spot that we love on the top of a coulee to be our ceremony site. This part of the day was very special, with only our closest friends and family. It was a very casual scene, people stood gathered in a group, no isle, acoustic music played by talented family as the father of the bride  and bride drove up in an old Fargo(which was her Grandpa’s first truck), and a thunderstorm rolling in over head. And of course there was beer…but not just any beer it was hand crafted beer by a family brewmaster. A cheers with red solo cups ended the ceremony. 

After a very informal receiving line we all headed back to the farm yard where there was local delicious food prepared with so much love by the groom's parents. We all gathered in the tent as the rain came down and all celebrated the wonderful gift to our crops and pastures. We danced and danced the night away.

It was the small details that made our day. We skipped a lot of traditions, there was no bouquet toss or garter toss, there were no caterer or servers, there was no head table… we wanted to keep it simple and focus on the important things. It turned into a day we will never forget! Thanks to our amazing family and friends.

~ Jenna & Brett


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