After presenting her with a diamond ring in a heart shaped snowball on one of their many hikes in the Rocky Mountains, they knew that a wedding in Colorado, the place they made their home, was in the works. So they held their wedding in the Colorado Rockies on the same day as the Groom's grandparents and parents, making it the sweetest day of the year! (also mentioned on the labels the bride made for their honey jar favors!) The bride seriously out did herself. As a florist at the Stalk Market in Grand Lake, CO, she designed and arranged all of the flowers (with the help of her bridesmaids), including her own stunning bridal bouquet. She also designed the favors and a lot of the decor in vibrant shades of summer, mixed with some vintage flair and a few nods to Colorado's wildlife. They had a beautiful sunny day, an afternoon wedding followed by a beautiful evening of playing yard games on the lawn, dancing in the meadow and my favorite part (other than that the bride had pockets in her gown!) is when they cut their wedding cake that had a T-Rex topper, a request of the groom, their wedding guests spontaneously humming the theme music for Jurassic Park. 

From the Groom, Carl: When Becky and I saw the AA barn for the first time, we knew immediately that it was where we wanted to get married. Nestled below Shadow Mountain Reservoir along the Colorado River, it was the perfect place to celebrate with our friends and family. Becky worked for months making the decorations ( I helped, a little!) And with the help of our incredibly gracious guests we were able to bring her vision to fruition! A beautiful day, with beautiful people, in a beautiful place! Its exactly how we both wanted to marry our best friend. It doesn't get any better!


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