A Twist on Tradition: 10 Desserts to Serve other than Cake

February 27, 2020
A Twist on Tradition: 10 Desserts to Serve other than Cake

Since before Rocky Mountain Bride was established over a quarter of a century ago, the wedding cake has been a traditional item to serve in celebration of the union of two people. However, times are changing. Traditions are being swapped for unique twists on century-old rules and we can’t say we’re upset about it! While cake is traditional and delicious, there are new options making their way into the wedding scene that your guests will rave about for days, weeks and even months after you say “I do.”

If you’re looking for a fun twist on tradition, check out our favorite desserts to serve other than cake.

One: Ice Cream

Ice cream is a delicious addition to your dessert table no matter the weather outside! This sweet treat is perfect to cool your guests down if you’re hosting an outdoor, summer wedding. Although, we don’t think ice cream is a summer-only kind of dessert. Ice cream is the perfect dessert for guests who are boogey-ing down on the dance floor and need something to cool them down any time of the year. Choose some of your favorite ice cream flavors and toppings to create an ice cream bar or book an ice cream truck or cart like the one pictured from Little Man Ice Cream. The options are endless when it comes to ice cream flavors!

Ice Cream Photos by: Redden

Two: Cake Pops

Okay, okay. Cake pops are technically still cake. But, it is so much more fun to serve them on sticks! These desserts make for a perfect bite of cake every single time. A fun alternative to cake, cake pops allow you to serve a multitude of flavors without breaking the bank! The combinations are truly endless, just ask Sweet Cravings by Marcia. Plus, you can send a little slice of cake home with guests as a party favor.

Cake Pops by Sweet Cravings by Marcia // Photos by: Kristina Curtis Photography

Three: Cupcakes

You may be thinking, “Another cake option? I thought these desserts were supposed to be other than cake?” We know, we know! But, imagine cupcakes designed to look like beautiful roses on top or some with fresh berries. Our mouths are watering at the idea of customized cupcakes that will make your special day even sweeter. You can display these beauties in different ways: on trays, on a tiered display, covered in greenery. The options are endless when it comes to customizing and showcasing this dessert.

Four: Popsicle Bar

Hosting a sizzling backyard wedding this summer? Then this twist on tradition is perfect for your I do celebration. A popsicle bar will help guests cool off after dancing the night away under the market lights your dad strung over the back patio. Serve a variety of flavors to appease your guests’ different taste buds and don’t shy away from boozy popsicles, they will be a crowd favorite.

Five: Mini Pies

A fall gathering isn’t complete without serving up a little slice of home, miniature pies! Choose from the classics like apple, pumpkin and pecan and dish them up with some freshly churned vanilla bean ice cream.


Six: Ice Cream Sandwich Station

Ice cream sandwiches are a timeless classic from our childhood, but instead of the traditional ice cream sandwich (unless, of course, the classic is your favorite), you can change it up a bit. Serve a variety of cookie flavors and some of your favorite ice cream flavors for guests to create their own sandwich. Our favorite part about this dessert? Guests can forgo making an ice cream sandwich to just eat a cookie. We call that a win-win situation!

Pro Tip: Opt out of the DIY station and have the Penguin Brothers Ice Cream Sandwich Truck serve up the custom ice cream sandwiches for you and your guests! It makes for great photos and an even more memorable reception!

Seven: Macarons

Serve this famous French dessert up for a sophisticated black-tie wedding. Your guests will rave over the simplicity behind this simple but divine dessert. The good news about macarons is that there is no limit to the flavors you can choose for your special day. Some of our favorites include pistachio, rose and lavender flavored macarons. Hand-held treats that are both delicate and delicious!

Macaron Photos by: J Mikayla Photography

Eight: Donuts

Donut walls are fun for late-night snacks, but why not replace the cake altogether with them? Or, if you’re hosting a brunch wedding let your guests take home a piece of your donut tier for a little party favor to remember the morning by. Did we mention, donuts are typically a budget-friendly dessert option. So if you’re looking to save a few bucks, contact a local donut shop to cater your dessert! Most will let you pick a variety of flavors and even let you custom create a donut for you and your fiancé!

Donut Photos by: Villani Photos

Nine: S’mores

The ideal treat to dish up at any cold-weather celebration. A s’mores station is not only interactive, but it lets guests craft a dessert to their liking. Opt for the traditional graham cracker, marshmallow and chocolate or provide unique pairings including Reeses, white chocolate, and more! Cosying up to the fire to roast your dessert is fun for everyone, especially for kiddos!

S’mores Photos by: Christine Marie Photo

Ten: Cookies

The simplest dessert on our list, cookies are a timeless classic that any guest will enjoy. There are so many flavor varieties from incredible cookie shops that you can’t go wrong! Keep it simple or spice it up with unique flavors. Plus, who doesn’t love a classic chocolate chip cookie?

There’s no wrong answer when it comes to deciding which dessert to dish up at your Rocky Mountain I do. Be sure to check out some of the featured vendors below or browse through our Vendor Collective to find the perfect dessert near you!

Ice Cream: Little Man Ice Cream Cake Pops: Sweet Cravings by Marcia Mini Pies: Biscuits and Berries Catering Donuts: Lora's Donuts and Bakery Shop Macarons: Woops Ice Cream Sandwiches: The Penguin Brothers
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