Montana Anniversary Session

Codey and I met through mutual friends when we were teenagers at the bowling alley in Great Falls Montana where we grew up. Codey says he still remembers what I was wearing, however, I don't believe him.  We dated for 5 years living in different cities, working different jobs and finishing school before he proposed. We were on a hike to Lava Lake in Bozeman, Montana. By the way, Codey is NOT a hiker. I tried for a week to convince him to go to a football game instead of this hike, thinking he would have more fun at the game, he insisted we go on the hike. In his cowboy boots and nice button-up shirt (not realizing at the time how odd it was to dress nicely for a hike) and me in my workout clothes, we hiked the 3 miles to Lava lake. Codey set up his phone to take a photo of us, but had actually set the phone to video, turned around and asked me to marry him. It was perfect.

- Lacey


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