A Private Ranch Engagement

December 8, 2018

Rocky Mountain Bride

Ranch Engagement Session

Caitlin and Cory met online and had their first date at a local ice cream shop. Caitlin grew up on her grandparents Ranch/Horse sanctuary, so the private residence held a very special place in her heart. Her and Cory decided that as hikers and it only made sense to have their engagement session taken with their horses and dogs (Brizzie and Trinity) in such a historic place. Not only is the ranch special to them, but it holds many artifacts from the Anasazi tribe. While taking photos we stumbled across pottery and carvings. Some we included in their session. Caitlin loves the beauty in New Mexico and wanted someone that would inherently love that beauty to capture their photos.

~ Albuquerque Wedding Photographer, Maura Jane Photography


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