A Glacier National Park Anniversary Session

February 13, 2020
A Glacier National Park Anniversary Session

Anniversary Session

You know that butterfly in your stomach, swept off your feet, head over heels in love kinda feel? You know that one that gives you all the gooseys? The kind of love that you can’t help but think about them every second of the day after your first date…. I never got those feelings with my husband. In fact, it was very, very different. It was an instant calming sensation that swept over me. Since the moment we met… he felt like home. You’ll know you’ve met that one when their presence instantly puts your soul at ease. The person that gives you support, loyalty, and loves exactly as you are in every phase of life… a constant but continuously growing type of love. This is a strong and sturdy foundation to build upon.

Although my husband and I have only been married for a year, this has proven to be nothing but the truth. From getting engaged, interning in Georgia, getting married back home in Missouri, moving across the country to Montana, opening our new practice, Monarch Chiropractic, and getting a puppy, we’ve had our fair share of celebrations, trials, and tribulations. Being a person who’s life is filled with lists, schedules, and labels, I’ve never handled change well, but with my husband taking on life hand in hand, I feel like I can tackle the world. The way he calms my soul, the way he makes me feel fearless, the way he challenges me, constantly, to grow… I could not have asked for a better partner in life and best friend. Together we can do anything. Together we can celebrate all the ups and be support through all the lows. Together we can withstand the seasons of life.

So as we approached our one year anniversary, it only felt right for an anniversary shoot to be on top of a mountain. The fresh, calming air paired with the strength and magnitude of the base, and the elegant yet powerful feel of the peaks was so fitting for how I feel every day being married to my best friend.

Every day I think there’s no possible way I could love our life and this man more, and yet tomorrow I know I’ll find myself asking the same question with more love for him in my heart. I’m not saying we’re perfect and that we don’t have our trials and will have more, but I’m saying we imperfectly fit perfectly and I’m not afraid of the highs and lows to come. Find you someone who only speaks fire into your soul!  Find someone who feels like home… and when you do, never let go!

– The Bride, Jennifer

Photographer: Shelby Glynn Photography Dress Designer: Wilderly Bride Bridal Boutique: J. Scott Couture Bouquet + Ribbon: Flowers by Shelby Glynn Flowers: Flathead Farmworks Necklace: Trades of Hope
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