7 First Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

January 30, 2020
7 First Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

Are you planning ahead for your first anniversary or did you stumble across our page looking for Valentine’s Day gift ideas? Either way, we’re happy you’re here! This guide is great for any person when it comes to buying gifts.

The first-year anniversary is known as the year of paper, which is simple enough (handwritten cards, anyone?), but we are RMB understand paper is limited when it comes to thinking of gifts. That’s why we wrote this guide: to provide you with traditional paper first-year anniversary gifts along with some not-so-traditional ideas.

Traditional Paper Anniversary Gifts

Artifact Uprising // Wedding Album & Prints

Don’t fret! If you didn’t get a wedding album made immediately after your big day, you aren’t the only one! Thankfully, Artifact Uprising makes it easy! They offer a wonderful selection of books to choose from that can be completely customized from the saying on the front to the color of fabric and foil. Laying out your photos is effortless and the quality of the product is incomparable! Your significant other will love being able to finally show off your big celebration to guests.

Prints are considered paper, too! So go wild and make a gallery wall in your entryway for everyone to admire!

Noteworthy Paper and Press

Anniversaries are meant for remembering your love story and celebrating the day you said, “I do.” Noteworthy Paper and Press is a stationery and gift brand store located in Missoula, Montana. Their products are so darling we have a hard time picking what our favorite item is! They offer custom gift options and online ordering so you can pick out something specially designed to represent your love story. With this shop in business, who can say the paper is going out of style?

Need some inspiration?
Romance isn’t dead, that’s why you’re here, isn’t it! Grab a beautiful set of stationery and write your partner a love note they can carry with them in their purse or wallet as a daily reminder of your promise to each other.

Pack Up & Go

This travel agency is designed for one thing: spontaneity.

We know our Rocky Mountain Brides (and grooms) are adventurous at heart, so this is the perfect gift!

Pack Up + Go will plan a 3-day trip based on your specific budget. The only catch is you don’t know where you’re going until you get to the airport or train station! We chose this as a paper gift because all of your travel details are mailed to you a few days before your trip. This gift is perfect for those in desperate need of a trip without any of the added stress of planning. Sounds good to us!

p.s. They offer some vacation spots in the Rocky Mountain Region!

Paper Tickets

This gift idea isn’t from a boutique or store we love, but instead is something that is only meaningful to you and your spouse. A traditional paper first-anniversary gift idea we’re loving is gifting them paper tickets. This means you can choose a special event that relates to your love story:


perhaps it’s the musician who you danced to for your first dance or the song that came on the radio during your first date!


check out an artist you love or experience an exhibit you’ve been meaning to get to, no matter the museum, you’re guaranteed to have a fun time!

Plane Tickets: 

pick a destination on your bucket list or somewhere special like your first vacation together, the town you met in or anywhere your imagination can dream up!


a comedy or broadway show are also great options; paired with a nice dinner and drinks, this makes for the ultimate date night!

Whatever you choose, spending time with the one you love is often the best gift of all!

Custom Couples Portrait

Bring your new home to life with a custom portrait made in the likeness of your favorite photo. This is a unique gift that you can show off for years to come. Maybe you want to show off a wedding photo or family portrait with your furry family members, whatever you choose it will be cherished by your significant other.

This Denver, Colorado artist on Etsy offers the option to hand-draw a customized photo that includes pets or other family members. Custom couples portraits are sweet keepsakes that memorialize a special moment between you and your spouse.

Non-Paper Goods Great for Gifts

Salus Bath Products

This Colorado store specializes in bath products made of natural ingredients, so you can plan a romantic night without worrying about harsh chemicals. They make shower bombs that fizz on the floor of your shower releasing beautiful scents throughout the whole bathroom. If you live in Colorado near a Salus store, they will even make certain products to order!

Planning a romantic night in for your first anniversary? Then the Salus bath products are the perfect gift to pair with a nice bottle of wine, a new robe, and some candles! Talk about romantic!

p.s. you can snag a luxury robe for your wife from our Monograph, a Vendor Collective member!

Basiclai Pottery

Basiclai is a handmade pottery shop based in Bozeman, Montana. All of the items are designed with functionality and simplicity in mind. Their items range from sponge holders to custom wedding plates, which means you can find exactly what you are looking for to celebrate your anniversary. If you’ve recently moved into your first home together, Basiclai is a great stop to find something practical made with love!

We recommend the handcrafted vase which you can add a beautiful bouquet too! If you’re feeling extra, choose a bouquet with the same flowers you used on your big day! Plus, who doesn’t love a big bouquet of flowers on their anniversary? Another great option is the custom wedding platter; what a great way to remember the beginning of your journey together!

A few more of our favorite shops that you can check out for additional gift ideas this Valentine’s Day or for your first anniversary include:

Heyday Bozeman

Salt & Honey Market

The Cross Decor & Design

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