5 Reasons to Hire a DJ for your Wedding Day

February 15, 2024
5 Reasons to Hire a DJ for your Wedding Day

As you dive into the whirlwind world of wedding planning, there is one vendor that often goes overlooked: hiring a DJ!

Picture this: you, your sweetheart, and your nearest and dearest, dancing the night away to your favorite tunes, seamlessly transitioning from romantic ballads to booty-shaking beats. With insights from Utah Wedding DJ extraordinaire, DJ Erick Miner, we’re going to share why having a professional DJ at your wedding is an absolute game-changer!


One: Unforgettable and Custom Playlists

Sure, you and your bridesmaids can sit down at your bachelorette party and put together one epic playlist. However, DJs will take it one step further. DJs have access to an extensive library of music spanning genres, eras, and moods. Whether you’re into classic love songs, chart-topping hits, or niche tracks that hold special meaning to you and your partner, a professional DJ can cater to all tastes and preferences. This will ensure there is music that everyone at your wedding day will enjoy!

We hired Erick as our DJ/MC for our wedding last September, and he was exactly what we needed. He catered to our music needs and guided our guests through the reception smoothly. We appreciated his attention to detail before and during the reception. To this day our friends and family always comment how much they had a blast dancing at our wedding and I know it was because Erick knew how to customize the music selection to our needs. I come from a Hispanic family and my husband’s family is Caucasian so we needed a DJ who knew how to get both sides of the family up on their feet, and Erick delivered! We would highly recommend Miner Music anytime!” – Bride, Katya


Two: Your DJ is your Party

If your number one goal is to have your friends and family have a good time, then hiring a wedding DJ is an absolute must! A DJ is more than a playlist, they set the tone for the evening. A professional DJ like Erick Miner knows how to read the room and set the perfect mood for each moment of your wedding day. And, instead of a playlist running on auto, if a song isn’t vibing, a DJ can quickly change directions to get the crowd hyped and on their feet.

As DJ Erick Miner says, “We inject life into a party!”



Three: Sound Systems

Not all wedding venues have state of the art sounds systems. However, hiring a professional DJ can ensure your reception will have quality sounds to keep the party bumpin’ all night. Trust us, this is much better than someone’s old iPhone plugged into the venue’s in-house sound system.

Four: DJs Can Make Announcements

Instead of tapping in the Best Man who may have had one too many cocktails, a professional DJ can handle all transitions and announcements to ensure guests know what is going on. From hyping up the room for the wedding party entrances to announcing the first dance, bouquet toss and more, a professional DJ will have control of the room to ensure no moment goes unnoticed.



Five: Masters of Ceremonies

Again, it’s never ideal to rely on a guest or wedding party member to press “play” on an iPad or iPone for the processional songs. A professional DJ will watch every move of the ceremony to ensure songs are played at the right time and fade out smoothly. Plus, guests don’t want to miss this important moment!



DJ Erick Miner says, “There is no substitute for experience when it comes to a wedding DJ. It’s about more than just playing music. I’m responsible for coordinating the timeline, orchestrating the introduction and flow of events, working with your other vendors, reading the crowd and making sure the right song is played at just the right time.” If you’re ready to make a move and hire a DJ, check our Erick’s availability here.

You can also check out some of DJ Erick Miner’s other services here!

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