10 Travel Tips to Prepare for your Honeymoon

May 19, 2020
10 Travel Tips to Prepare for your Honeymoon

They say your wedding is one of the best days of your life. From celebrating with your closest friends and family to marrying the man or woman of your dreams, it truly is the beginning of your forever! While your wedding is a day you will never forget, your honeymoon is the one part of this experience that you get to enjoy and cherish as just the two of you! But, just like the wedding, planning for a honeymoon can be stressful, especially if you haven’t previously traveled on a big trip with your new husband or wife.

From planning and packing to preparing to travel, there is a lot to consider. We get it though! Youre planning one of the biggest days of your life. You don’t always have time to think about all the little details. That’s why weve done the hard work and compiled 10 tips and tricks for traveling to help you prepare for your honeymoon or the next adventure ahead, so all youll have to do is focus on spending time with the love of your life, relaxing! 

p.s. need help planning your honeymoon or figuring out what to pack? Stay tuned!

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Tips for Traveling

These are pretty important, so listen up!

Make sure you have a proper form of identification.

A marriage certificate does not, we repeat, does not act as a form of identification.

If youre planning on changing your name and are going on a honeymoon immediately after your wedding day, make sure your plane tickets and name at the resort are booked under the name on your driver’slicense and passport. We recommend booking your airline and reservations under your maiden name to prevent any problems.

If you make an “oopsie” when booking your flight, call the airline immediately.

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Ensure your flight reservations match the name on your passport.

What if? If you book your flight under your new married name and are not traveling immediately after your wedding, you can use your airline ticket to help expedite the passport process with the State Department. However, it can take up to or more than 5 weeks to have a new passport issued.

Bonus Tip: If you were issued a new passport with your maiden name in order to be able to travel for your honeymoon, you have 12 months from the date of your wedding to get another new passport issued with your new married name for FREE!

Don’t forget to tell your bank or cellphone provider where you are going.

Traveling abroad? Don’t just tell your closest friends and family all the cool destinations you’re going to. Make sure to also notify your cellphone company, bank, and credit cards.

Cell Phone Company: Ask if your plan covers phone calls, text messages, or the internet in the country or region you are traveling to. No matter the answer, many cellphone companies may have helpful instructions for connecting to a foreign service provider or to prevent racking up international fees by using WiFi calling or internet hotspots.

Credit Cards and Banks: Notify your credit card and bank companies where you will be traveling and when to prevent any accounts from being shut down due to suspicious activity. You can also ask about exchange rates, ATM fees, and more. If you plan to withdraw money from an ATM abroad, you may need a pin code – even for a credit card! Pin codes often must be sent in the mail so make sure to check with your bank or credit card a few months in advance of your trip.

Bonus Tip: Look for a credit card that doesn’t have foreign transaction fees!

Take a look here at Money’s “Best Travel Credit Cards of 2020” for insight on which credit card might be best for you!

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Bring an extra copy of your passport.

Always carry an extra copy of your passport, but never put the extra copy in your checked baggage. Then give someone you trust a copy too (ex: mom, dad, sibling) in case yours is stolen.

Create a travel itinerary summary.

We recommend creating a summary packet of your trip to is kept in a handy spot such as your purse or backpack. What should you include?

  • Any and all travel information including flight, train, car, and hotel reservations with corresponding times, check-in information, reservation numbers, and locations.
  • Print off any tour confirmations or activity reservations so you don’t have to dig through your email last minute; you never know what your cell service or internet connection will be like! This will help ensure you meet at the right spot at the right time and can seamlessly check-in for whatever fun lies ahead. Plus, you’ll have the company’s contact information handy should you need it.

Consider whether additional insurance coverage is needed.

Insurance. It’s everywhere we know. But, if you’re honeymooning in another country, it’s important to look into whether your current policies provide coverage and consider whether additional insurance is necessary for your honeymoon.

Auto: If you plan on renting a car abroad, you should check with your auto insurance carrier to see if your policy covers international driving. If not, you may want to add it on.

Health: If you have health insurance in the U.S., find out if your policy covers emergencies that happen abroad. Most carriers offer short term add-ons. Ask your doctor’s office if they offer telehealth visits via video or email should you need medical advice while abroad.

Travel: Travel insurance can cover a wide variety of things from medical care to [ADD another example of what it covers. Many travel insurance companies offer a 24-hour hotline to help rebook accommodations and activities in the event that your trip is delayed or rescheduled. Travel insurance isn’t for everyone but is something to consider, especially for a long and expensive trip.

Check out Money’s “8 Best Travel Insurance Companies” to find an option for your next adventure!

Register for the State Department’s Smart Traveller Program

No matter how well you plan, things can unfortunately still go wrong! If you’re traveling abroad, sign up for the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program. This will alert you of any security issues about your destination or help the U.S. Government reach you in case of an emergency.

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Determine a plan for spending.

After chatting with your banks and credit card companies, determine what methods of payment you want to use for what. Look for a credit card without a foreign transaction fee to avoid additional fees on top of your honeymoon expenses. However, even if you can use your credit card for most purchases, it is always important to carry cash on hand. Cash may be required for cabs, tips, small souvenirs, snacks, bathrooms, and more!

Before leaving the country for your trip, determine what the ATM and exchange fees are and where the nearest ATM is so you know where is the best spot to get cash early on during your stay. Typically you can do this at the airport when you land, though airport ATMs may charge higher fees

Bonus Tip: Include a Honeymoon Dance during your reception to get some extra cash for your honeymoon.

Keep an eye on your valuables.

Never pack your valuables in your checked luggage. This includes but isn’t limited to your passport and essential documents (ex: reservations, tickets, license, etc.), credit cards, medications, and electronics. If your hotel room has a safe, we recommend locking up any valuable items that you aren’t carrying on your person. It’s a good idea to keep extra credit cards and cash in the safe in the event your wallet is lost or stolen.

Bonus Tip: Don’t forget to watch for pickpockets – especially in areas tourists are known to frequent. Always keep your purse or wallet on the front of your body.

Tell people you are on your honeymoon!

Notify your airline and hotel that you’ll be traveling for your honeymoon! You never know what surprises a company has in store for newlyweds from room and seat upgrades to a champagne toast or in-flight announcement! Everyone loves celebrating a happy couple!

Stay safe, have fun, and always check the weather!

Cheers to a lifetime of love and happiness from Rocky Mountain Bride!

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