10 Insta Worthy Walls for Engagement Photos

May 11, 2020
10 Insta Worthy Walls for Engagement Photos

Living in the Rocky Mountains means there is no short supply of beautiful views. If you’re looking for the perfect location for your engagement photos that aren’t in the mountains, then this guide is for you! We’ve found some of the quaintest, most colorful walls throughout the Rocky Mountain region and we’re sharing our top 10 photo spots, check them out:


Cents of Style Wall

This colorful block wall is located outside of Cents of Style in Salt Lake City, Utah.  The colors range from orange, pink, to two shades of blue. We’re loving this wall because it gives you the chance to change up the look of your shoot without moving locations. Stand in front of the yellow wall for a fun, bright look or the light pink for a more muted look. The ideas are endless when it comes to outfit choices and poses in front of this beautiful wall.

Photo Credit: Em & Co Photography

Salt Lake City is for Lovers

Located at the Gateway, this wall is perfect for a romantic night engagement photoshoot. This neon sign gives us all the butterflies when it comes to planning the perfect Insta-worthy shot. Snuggle in close with the one you love because the wall says it all: Salt Lake City is for Lovers. 

Photo Credit: Uriel Photography

Sprinkles Wall

We’re a fan of this wall because we would love to stop in to grab some of those delicious donuts in the Big O Doughnuts. This wall makes the list because of sweet sprinkles that add a pop of color to your Insta-worthy shoot. Your shots will be flirty and fun when taken in front of this sprinkled wall. Bonus points if you include eating donuts as one of your poses. 

British Columbia

Fan Tan Alley

This alley is the epitome of quaint and charming. Located in Victoria, British Columbia, Fan Tan Alley is one of the narrowest streets in all of Canada. The brick walls and cute signs have us swooning already. We think you’ll take photos to your heart’s content. Don’t forget to stop by some of the bakeries, boutiques and ice cream parlors located throughout the alley and in Chinatown.

Photo Credit: The Pink Millennial

Corridor of Connection

This wall is over two city blocks long in Calgary! Corridor of Connection’s whimsical style and colorful murals may leave you taking photos in one spot all day long. From drawings of lips to polka dot walls there are no designs left out. This wall makes this list because of how vast and diverse the art is in every section.

Photo Credit: Pursuing Pretty


Smell the Blooms Wall

The ombre effect and gorgeous painted flowers are just a few of the reasons why we love this wall. The bright colors mean your photos will stand out no matter the season, and we’ve found that Denver sometimes gets snow in May. You’re sure to get Insta-worthy engagement photos by the delicate blue roses and the orange and red flowers.

Love this City Wall

This wall is for those who love Denver and we mean, really, love Denver. It’s a tribute to the Mile-High City is heartwarming, which means the photos you take showcasing your love will be even more special. The wall itself is in a parking lot, so make sure you stop by for photos outside of typical work hours.

Photo Credit: Carrie Colbert

Nothing Without Courage Wall

Nothing without courage is a good reminder to us all, but we think planning a wedding requires a lot of courage. You’re doing it, you’re getting married! Why not showcase the courageous love you share with your soon-to-be spouse by taking gorgeous photos in front of an amazing wall in downtown Denver? We’re sure these will be some of the most inspiring engagement photos yet.


The Welcome to Rexburg Wall

This sweet photo spot is for those who are hoping for a hometown feel for their engagement photos. The pastel colors of the letters on this wall in downtown Rexburg are sweet and the worn look of the design makes you feel like you’ve lived in this town for your whole life. 

Photo Credit: Inspire Me Film & Photo

New Mexico

Greetings from ‘Burque

This wall is part of a cross country mural project in hopes of revitalizing different cities. It’s bright colors and depictions of important pieces of Albuquerque’s history. The postcard style of the mural will make your photos feel like you’re sending out personalized engagement postcards instead of photos. This is one of many throughout the country, so check out their site for other Greetings From murals! 

Photo Credit: Greetings Tour

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