10 Darling Departures for Your Wedding Send Off

November 4, 2021
10 Darling Departures for Your Wedding Send Off

Feature Photo by: Savannah Le Photo

Your wedding recessional or final send-off at the end of the night is something to celebrate and a great opportunity for guests to partake in a cool, interactive farewell. Turns out, capturing the perfect grand exit has become increasingly popular among brides and requires some serious thought. That’s where we come in! Keep reading for 10 darling departures to say goodbye in style.

1. Light Sparklers

Light up the sky, literally with a sparkler send-off. It’s the perfect way to end one of the best days of your life, walking out hand-in-hand with your partner surrounded by a sense of whimsy. This classic, pure magic moment almost always guarantees amazing photos captured by your photographer, especially in black and white. I mean c’mon just look at these! But, before your heart is set on a sparkler-studded exit, check with your venue as some have a no-sparkler policy. If that’s the case don’t fret, cold spark machines are always an option!

Photo by Sarah Kempers Photography

2. Toss Faux Snow

For those getting married in the winter, artificial snow is the perfect powdered detail to add to a true winter wonderland wedding. Have guests toss handfuls of faux snow at you and your lover as you make your way to the getaway car. Not only will this create a picture-worthy moment, but it’s so much fun!

Photo by Brianna Kim Photography

3. Wave Glow Sticks

Glow sticks add a whole new level of fun to any grand exit. Bright and full of life, there are several different options to go about this festive way to end the night. Mix and match colors or choose just one if you have a theme, pass out long glow sticks for guests to wave around or have them create circles with a connector piece. Keep the party going long after the reception with these glowing accessories.

Photo by The Thirfty Pineapple

4. Cue the Confetti

Nothing says it’s a party quite life confetti! If you want to show your lively personality and have guests interact with your exit then look into confetti poppers for a spectacular send-off. Incorporate your wedding colors or customize the confetti to be heart-shaped for an extra touch of personalization and sentiment.

Photo by Jessa E Photographs

5. Set off Smoke Bombs

Who said smoke bombs are meant for baby gender reveal parties? We love a good smoke show moment captured in photos! Smoke bombs come in a variety of colors, from pink to black, consider tying into your color palette, theme and location to create an epic grand exit.

Photo by Joy Zamora

6. Toss Floral Petals

Another classic! Orchestrate a romantic, floral filled exit by having guests toss flower petals in the air. You can opt for traditional white rose petals or if you’re a bohemian bride go with dried florals, consider repurposing flowers from earlier in the day. Whichever type of petal you choose, this girly touch will make your send-0ff beautiful and smelling garden fresh.

Photo by Grey Giraffe

7. Release Lanterns

Sky lanterns are a growing trend in wedding exits all around the world. Imagine floating lights filling up the sky with a peaceful glow as you and your person take off together. Talk about a whimsical and enchanting moment. If you want to create a more intimate send-off, just have the bride and groom light and release the lanterns.

Photo by JenniMarie Photography

8. Toss Eucalyptus Leaves

We’ve mentioned using flower petals, but there are other options for incorporating natural and sustainable throwables. Not only is the green color stunning, but using fresh eucalyptus leaves smell amazing! A wedding send-off toss like this would be especially lovely in the spring or summer.

Left Photo by Madeline Rose Photography Co.

Right Photo by  Samantha Davis Photography

9. Throw Glitter

Shimmer and sparkle your way into marriage with a glamorous glitter toss. This idea might take some convincing on the groom, but if you’re a girly girl who loves sequins this exit is perfect for your happily-ever-after goodbye.

Photo by Peter Gubernat

10. Blow Bubbles

Fill the air with floating fun and well-wishes for the newlyweds by blowing bubbles. Wedding bubbles have been a go-to choice for years, not only are they inexpensive, easy to use and essentially clean-up free, but they can double as escort cards or wedding favors. Last but not least, dress up your wedding bubble tubes with cute personalized tags!

Photo by Karina Leonenko Photography

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